Power of Prioritization

As I’ve helped entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve observed that we sometimes focus on the nebulous future at the cost of the actionable present. The future is fun! And it is safe! And it is a fantasy that can indeed become reality with a clear Vision—then Goals—and then Tasks—to get there.

When our daily Tasks are out of sync with our Goals, it’s like riding a wonky teeter-totter. Something’s definitely out of balance! And Prioritization is our trusty stabilizer. By taking a moment to prioritize our tasks, we regain control, restore equilibrium, and make meaningful progress towards our Goals.

Goals are the checkpoints we meet towards achieving our Vision. Once we have a list of Tasks, we prioritize them. This is exciting—another step towards the future we want to create!

We prioritize our tasks by identifying what things must be done today, and labelling those tasks with an “A”. Some A-rated tasks will be directly related to our Goals, and others will relate to maintaining our current lifestyle (paying bills, making dinner, etc.) Tasks which must be done this week are “B”’s. Tasks which must be done this month, or later, are “C”’s.

As each week progresses and A’s are accomplished, what were once B’s will graduate to A status, and C’s will become B’s. If we find that our “A” tasks keep getting put off, we may need to look at the obstacles that are getting in our way.

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