What’s Your Favorite Distraction?

We all struggle to break our Goals down into actionable Tasks—and then follow through. The clearer our Goals, the clearer our Tasks will become. And the more complete our list of Tasks, the less susceptible we are to distraction.

Tasks are the concrete steps we take towards achieving our Goals. They are the “to-dos” that make up the stepping stones toward achieving our Goals. Those, Goals, when well-selected, lead us toward our Vision.

To develop our Task list, we review our Goals and consider what steps we must take to achieve them. If you’re feeling stuck here, you are not alone! This is another instance where Trusted Advisors can help out. Book time with us so we can help you gain a fresh perspective. 

This empowers us to complete Tasks on time, or at least know if we’re running behind. Deadlines, of course, are where “life” has a habit of derailing us on our way toward reaching our Goals. Seemingly simple tasks, like cleaning up the kitchen, can spiral into a series of unforeseen events and distractions. So, let’s make sure to leave margin for the unexpected so our Goals aren’t always pushed back. 

Similarly, in home repair projects, I’ve learned to estimate triple the time and double the cost to complete a project. By acknowledging this reality upfront, we can avoid frustration and celebrate any time saved as a victory.

So, let’s work together to refine your Task list and turn your Goals into actionable steps. Your time is valuable, and with the right approach, success is within reach. Reach out today, and let’s make it happen!

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Photo by Ajmal MK on Unsplash

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