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I'm Brent Halfwassen

I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, dad, and operational and financial expert dedicated to transforming your hard work into hard cash so you can achieve your dreams.

Why Work with Brent?

My focus is on passionate small business owners, entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers like you. I will get you ready to be propelled toward amazing success.

By building into you through our customized business coaching and consulting methods, you will have the tools to transform your hard work into hard cash, change how you operate and build the business you love to lead, and live the life you were created to have. You CAN achieve your dreams.

Companies I can help the most:

I started Halfwassen & Associates to focus on entrepreneurs and small business owners with less than 10 years in business. If you are leading your business by yourself without much outside support, we should talk.

YOU are the key to making your business grow. We are here to help you transform your business processes and measure what matters so you can grow your profit and accelerate your business.

Our unique style of coaching and consulting focuses specifically on you. By transforming your amazing skills, products, and services, together we can make a truly great business.

Get ready to build the best business you deserve.

Here are some companies we have helped. We can help yours too.

This is how having an entrepreneur coach will help you overcome your obstacles so you can make the money you deserve.

My focus is on passionate business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, side-hustlers, and decision makers like you.

My Story Board

Milwaukee has been my home for over 20 years. I moved to this city. I stayed in this city. I love this city. I worked with a team to start a church in this city. My kids go to public school in this city.

Because I believe this city is as great as those who are willing to commit to it. Neighborhoods and communities will be awesome because of the businesses and start, grow and thrive in them.

I can walk to restaurants, shopping, my barber, my auto shop, parks, movie theaters, plays, concerts, and my library. I can waive at my friends, the owners, as I walk by.

All of this is possible because entrepreneurs and business owners are making the city great.

You can too.
I want to help you build your business and establish deep and amazing roots in our community.

  • So you can make the difference you dream of.
  • So you can live the life you want to lead.

Having worked with over 700 starting and growing entrepreneurs in the Milwaukee region, I get it. Now I want to help you stop spinning your wheels, transform your hard work into hard cash, and grow the business you dreamed of.

Become who you were created to be. Connect with Brent on LinkedIn or YouTube to stay up to date.

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