Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of Batching Tasks

Batching involves grouping similar Tasks together and completing them in a single chunk of time, rather than scattering them throughout the day or week (or month).

Now that we have a prioritized list of Tasks, how do we batch our Tasks?

We start by grouping together our Tasks based on similar needs for resources (eg., time in the car), skills (eg., creative writing or intense calculation), or mental processes (eg., socializing with others). Once we’ve done this grouping–Congratulations! We’ve made a batch of Tasks. 

Heads Up: In our last post, we mentioned prioritization. Batching means that we may end up with some A-rated Tasks combined with some B- and C-rated Tasks. No problem! Prioritization simply means we know that the A’s have to get done–and if we accomplish some B’s and C’s at the same time, great!

Next, we schedule time by blocking off chunks of our calendar for each batch. Make sure these blocks are long enough to complete the activities comfortably (remember our article where we noted that Tasks sometimes take longer than we expect!) but not so long that they lead to boredom or exhaustion. Said another way: know your limits! 

Be ready to flex and laugh! While batching Tasks offers structure, life happens and sometimes our best laid plans go awry. For example, if my kid is sick at school, I’m going to have to adapt to pick her up even though it was in a chunk of time I’d already set aside for a batch of Tasks. That’s okay! There is Someone in charge who already knows how it will turn out. Take care of the needs and know that things will settle down. When they do, get back to your batching plan and watch yourself conquer your Goals!

Let’s talk about how you can save time by batching your Tasks.

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