Time Sucks

Ah, email (or voicemail…). How many of us keep our email open in the background while we do other work? How many of us have notifications set up on our email to buzz us each time a new message arrives?

First off, decide for yourself what a reasonable response time should be for emails. From my experience, one or two business days is reasonable. It can be longer, but ideally, if I get an email at noon on a Monday, I’d like to respond to it by noon on Tuesday or Wednesday. Email is a vital tool for many entrepreneurs, but without dedicated time to check it, it becomes overwhelming.

By scheduling time to check emails (or voicemails) each day or every other day, we will find ourselves free to focus on our other Tasks, knowing that for sure, we will get to that important work because we have intentionally set aside time for it. Checking emails (or voicemails) is an evergreen Task and will always be on our Task list. But it can easily become a time waster if we let it.

Let’s talk about finding you more Time to make progress on your Tasks so you can achieve your Goals and accomplish your Vision.

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