Quiet Time Creates Time

The foundation of Time Management is creating intentionality. Jamming in more “to-dos” creates stress; intentionality creates PEACE. What is intentionality? Intentionality is a daily discipline of reality checking.

What do we mean by reality checking? We mean taking quiet time to reorient yourself and focus on what is most important to you. Take 2-5 quiet minutes alone daily: prayer, meditation, quiet breathing, journaling, and gratituding are some proven ways to get quiet. (Email, news, social media, workout videos–to name a few–are not.) This quiet time is not about organizing the day yet; It is clearing our minds of clutter so we can be intentional. 

For me, this quiet time is early in the morning before the kids wake up and after I get a run in (I’m usually half asleep on my runs anyway). For those of you who think mornings are anathema, you’re in good company as many folks find the evening is their best time for this balancing work. Others take a break in the afternoon to get focused. 

Whenever it is, finding it creates peace. Without this quiet time, I have found that my tasks and to-dos become overwhelming and frankly, I can become resentful. In my quiet times, I keep a gratitude list and daily come up with 5-10 items to add to it. I started small by listing things like, I’m grateful I can feel my feet on the floor; I’m grateful that I can see the sun rising; I’m grateful I have breath in my lungs. This quiet time connects us with the present.

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Let’s talk about finding time for you to be more intentional and move you to the next step.

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

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