Entrepreneur Encounters Episode 15 — Ruben Gaona

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Entrepreneur Encounters Episode 1 — Kim Malone

For small business owners, transitioning from a salary to working for ourselves. Kim shows us how she made the move to apply her 20+ years …

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Simple 60 Workshop — New Year, New Mindset

How are we going to achieve all of the goals have we made for our small businesses? It is not a lack of motivation that …

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Title page showing Morgan Phelps, Founder & CEO of Colorful Connections as a business on Entrepreneur Encounters hosted by MKE's Small Business Coach, Halfwassen & Associates, LLC

Entrepreneur Encounters Episode 27 — Morgan Phelps, Colorful Connections

Are ready to see businesses creating a diverse workforce to spark diverse thinking? You need to listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Encounters, where I …

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