Entrepreneur Encounters Episode 1 — Kim Malone

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For small business owners, transitioning from a salary to working for ourselves. Kim shows us how she made the move to apply her 20+ years of experience working for the state into a life-changing interaction with youth.

During her journey, she shares how important it is to rely on a support system to be successful, the difference between customers and users of her services, and how to persevere through struggles in your business.

Kim’s journey into business is a common path for many of us: Leaving our regularly paid job to launch out on our own.  Don’t miss these key insights she reveals in this episode.

Preview of this episode: (timestamps based on the podcast)

02:20: Young people understand that their actions, their decisions, and their behavior have, consequences to them.

4:35: I think typical of a lot of entrepreneurs is that they have a passion and desire to really chart a path that others haven’t charted that way before.

15:30  Things may not always go as we thought they were gonna go, but you just pivot and work to what it is and still make sure that you are being your authentic self and giving your all.

20:00 You know, I think one time just being in the process a lot of times about when we ask the question, we’re putting our mind into a position that we’re ready to receive more information.

23:05 I think once I got over that fear a little bit and it started. What I was doing was starting to roll and then I built more confidence in how to deliver it and how to say it, it all just starts building and then you just blossom.

Learn more about Kim:

“I love helping young people how to think with logic and not emotions. They are beginning to understand that their action, behaviors and decisions have consequences that affects more than just them. Witnessing when the light bulb comes on is more than fulfilling. It’s why I do this!”

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