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There are no self-made entrepreneurs. We cannot build it on our own. We must encounter others who are on the same journey because we don’t know who that next great connection will be.

That’s why we started #EntrepreneurEncounters. Encounter other entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders while becoming one yourself. Which #EntrepreneurEncounter will change the course of your business?

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We have a variety of different events, sessions, videos and connection points to serve small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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We host interviews with Milwaukee-area entrepreneurs who are a little further along than we are. We need to learn from their experience, struggles, and successes. Watch or listen to these interviews and accelerate your learning curve. Are you ready to invest in you?

Entrepreneur Encounters Highlights – Kenge Adams – Episode #2

In this episode, we encounter Kenge Adams, Founder and Owner of Connect Business Consulting.  She discusses her journey to starting her business, and being agile ...
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Entrepreneur Encounters Episode 1 — Kim Malone

For small business owners, transitioning from a salary to working for ourselves. Kim shows us how she made the move to apply her 20+ years ...
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Simple 60 Workshop — New Year, New Mindset

How are we going to achieve all of the goals have we made for our small businesses? It is not a lack of motivation that ...
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Title page showing Morgan Phelps, Founder & CEO of Colorful Connections as a business on Entrepreneur Encounters hosted by MKE's Small Business Coach, Halfwassen & Associates, LLC

Entrepreneur Encounters Episode 27 — Morgan Phelps, Colorful Connections

Are ready to see businesses creating a diverse workforce to spark diverse thinking? You need to listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Encounters, where I ...
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Entrepreneur Encounters Episode 26 — Pat Miller

If you are ready to stop growing your small business alone, you need to listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Encounters, where I talk with ...
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Entrepreneur Encounters Episode 15 — Ruben Gaona

In this episode of #EntrepreneurEncounters, we encounter Ruben Gaona, Co-Founder & COO of The Way Out.
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